Why go Electric ?

once smoking was the most glamorous thing going (.... ) But now....

...you're a social outcast if you light up in company

Well that's exactly what is going to happen with the gas-guzzler cars.

Pretty soon,
The only cool clean
In which to be seen, 
Will be the the mean, green
tarmac machine!

Okay, enough bad poetry I hear you say, let's get down to business…. Tell me more about these kooky little creatures, how do they work, how do they drive, how good are they, where do I get one…I'm ready to be clean and green…

But first, why are they so great?

Here's 4 reasons why:

Find out more about the benefits of e-driving here.

But hey, we forgot the fun bit…..it ain't all worthy, self-sacrificing stuff here you know! Woah! No way! Not my style! I like to be green 'n' clean. But I like my cars mean and fun to drive too!

And that is the best bit - these gorgeous little pets of cars are fab to drive, great to look at, easy to park, cheap to run and maintain, and some are the sexiest cars on the planet! - 
Oh, and did I mention the acceleration of the electric car is fenomenal? I didn't ?  Well...  it IS!  Curious? Read more about the principles of the electical drivetrain here.

 As for me, well bein' green's the new cool, but you knew that anyway didn't you? Click