Welcome to Electric Cool Cars

With Obama's announcement of a $20 billion fund for the green energy sector, and the imminent rise in the price of oil and other fossil fuels, sooner or later resulting in an OIL-CRUNCH, it's time to go electric!!!

Electric cars are set to take the world by storm

Welcome to the coolest cars around......They're clean,They're green and what's more.... They're MEAN in looks as well as in accelleration!!!

True, most folks haven't caught onto this idea yet, but electric driving is the Next Big Thing. Hey, if you're reading my website, you're ahead of the curve, but the rest of the world is set to catch up quick....

On the following pages U will get an overview of the coolest electric cars available on the market all over the world. Check it out and amaze yourself about the combination of usability, affordability, ingenuity and awesome designs modern day electric driven cars have to offer. 

No matter what makes your petrol-clock tick; it's out there now with a Volt meter! In the range from supercar to the daily-to-use car. Beware though; you might actually want one yourself!  Click for more...