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Not all electric cars have to be ugly little boxes. I can almost hear the sigh of relief. The increase in interest from auto makers suggests the majority of us will be driving one in the next 5 to 10 years. And as electric cars become more mainstream, like most technology, costs will go down and significant improvements will develop. This gallery shows you the e-cars that are yet available and those who will be available in your store soon... Take notice of the difference between an all electric car and a hybrid electrical car though.

Tesla roadstara great example of an all electric car that will make heads turn. Even Magnum PI probably wants one. Petrol is soooooo 20 th century...


Venturi Fetish  Monaco, a hall full of supercars, an ex-Bond with a beautiful female companion and an electric sports car. The stuff of fantasy? Nope, it happened in 2005 at Monaco’s Top Marques Luxury and Supercar show. Venturi, a French sports car manufacturer that’s reinvented itself, drafted in Roger Moore to drive their new Fetish electric sports car around Monaco before opening the exclusive show. His transport, the Fetish, Venturi’s neat 980kg carbon-fibre and aluminium constructed sports car, is more than a measure for the ex-Bond too 


Koenigsegg.... without comment


The Porsche 918 Spyder is a plug-in hybrid supercar that provides the same thrills as your “average” Porsche with 718 hp and  a mid-engine V-8 with two electric motors


Design house Pininfarina, of Turin, Italy, showed the B0 at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. The B0 is four-seat, four-door electric hatchback—about the size of a Honda Fit. The car has a range of 153 miles and a top speed of 80 miles per hour. The company is considering direct sales via the Internet, and will begin production as early as 2009, according to some reports.


The e-Wolf E-2 electric super car has a nose inspired by a Ferrari enzo the tight tapered rear end of a Lexus-LF and the stance of a Lamborghini murcielago. A maximum output of 536 HP and 738 lb-ft of torque. The benefit of an electric drive train is that all 1000 Nm of thrust are available right off the line.  the E-2’s top speed is  limited to 155 MPH and the range is 185 miles. Production expected sometime in 2012.  Tesla owners be warned!


Tesla Motors is set to launch their sub-$50,000 Model S sedan The images show a curvaceous, low-slung sports sedan that lies somewhere between an Jaguar XF and a Maserati Quatroporte. Do you think Tesla has a hit on their hands? Because if anyone is going to reconcile "electric car" with "cool car," it's them.


Audi E-tronAudi is getting on track with an e-tron supercar. E-tron is to be the Audi brand name for electric mobility. Coincidentally, etron is also French for turd, but don’t let that skew you.


Makers of the 60′s muscle cars are also joining the race. The Dodge Circuit EV could be in production by 2011.


Cadillac ConverjThis concept car is right out of the matrix, but its entirely possible you’ll soon see one rolling down the highway. Its only a matter of time as they become more common before the prices begin to drop.


The Fisker Karma is no slouch in style either. A plug-in hybrid sports sedan, its introductory model will be about $80k, with less expensive models to follow.


The Lightning Car Company is Britain’s answer to Tesla Motors. The company aims to build an all-electric luxury sports car with classic British sports car design. The Lightning provides a top speed capability of more than 130 mph. The “extended range” version claims a range of 250 miles and a recharge time of only 10 minutes using a standard home socket. Price is expected right around, ahem, $300,000.


Renault Zoe, affordable electric coupe.


Mitsubishi I-Miev


Chevrolet E-Volt


Nissan Leaf 



Citroen C-Zero


Smart EV  Perhaps the car should have always been the 'for two', this electric version gives Mercedes’ small car division a congestion charge beater by giving it an electric transmission. Smart claims a range of ‘up to’ 72 miles, so it’s unlikely you’d be travelling far outside the congestion zone. However, it’s a start, and Smart is trialling it with business customers before unleashing it properly on the pubic. It is also looking at the bigger picture and working with energy suppliers to deliver zero emissions from well to wheel. Plug it in at home and it’s ready to go – quite a while later with the current charging rates. It’s still pretty cool though, as long as you’re not going very far… Still, it’s a city car, and it should be quick enough to dice with town traffic.

Chrysler E-REV